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Frequently Asked Questions

As much as we love rocking chairs, we specialize in drag racing parts and vehicles. However, if your grandma’s chair can hit 0-60 in under 5 seconds, we might make an exception.

We’d love to see your furry friend in a racing helmet, but we ask that you stick to posting items related to drag racing.

It’s always a good idea to prioritize safety, but fire suits are not required for browsing Quarter Mile Classifieds. However, we do recommend wearing a helmet while checking out some of the sweet rides for sale.

While we don’t offer trading services, you might be able to find someone willing to trade their jet engine for your car on the website. Anything’s possible in the world of drag racing.

Sorry, we don’t offer time machines just yet. However, some of the vintage parts and vehicles listed on the website might make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

While we don’t offer discounts for burnouts, we do offer competitive pricing for all our listing packages. Save the burnouts for the track!